Blow by Blow Account of Giving Him Great Oral Sex!

Posted: Feb 03 2016

Right ladies – who likes their man to go down on them?  I’m going out on a limb here and guess it’s a good 90% of you.  For the ones who said no, I really must write a blog on giving good cunnilingus for you to share with your partners!! Anyway, I digress....

So pretty much all of us like receiving oral sex but how many of us truthfully instigate & enjoy giving him oral sex?  I bet that figure drops to about 30%. 

On one side we have men, many of whom would move in downstairs if they could - on the other we have women, who often politely engage in the act of oral, or even, simply don’t even go there.  Why is this?  Let’s be honest, if the blokes had to receive the “end result” then I believe they wouldn’t be in such a rush to get down there!

If it is just the climax that is causing you to give it a wide berth, there are several ways to overcome your issues;

It’s a well-known fact “you are what you eat” and if your man is eating rubbishy food, smoking and drinking then his cum will be affected.  Encourage him to eat plenty of fresh fruit, veg and other healthy food.

If it’s just the taste that leaves you cold there are certain products on the market that can help mask this.  These come in the form of flavoured & edible lubes, simply use this beforehand and hey-presto the taste becomes a little more palatable and you’ll be blowing his mind.

For those of you who really can’t stand the thought of swallowing - which is no big deal, it’s not for everyone - talk to your man, tell him you are more than happy and willing to give him oral but you are not prepared to swallow.  When you establish this ground rule you should feel less pressure to swallow and are therefore more likely to instigate going down on him in the future.

Also, if you don’t want to swallow, simply spit.  Be respectful when doing so though, you run the risk of spoiling the moment if he sees you desperately trying to get it out of your mouth – so just keep some tissue close by. 

You’ve now established what you are prepared to do, what about techniques?  The key thing is to just have fun and enjoy the very intimate moment you are sharing together.

  • Use your hands and starting from the head of the penis slowly lick and glide him into your mouth.  By using your hand you can avoid that very unattractive gobbling & missing action which can occur especially if you are starting from him being flaccid.
  • Make sure you move you lips forward and over your teeth.  Seeing your mouth like this will drive him wild and will also help avoid any unwanted teeth mishaps. 
  • Don’t forget if you have long hair, don’t let this obstruct his view.  Men are very visual characters when it comes to sex.  Let him enjoy the show as well as your lips all over his best friend!
  • The head of the penis is the most sensitive, make sure you give this a lot of attention using your mouth, tongue, lips and hands.  Try changing the rhythm and intensity and don’t neglect the base of the shaft either.  Try taking as much of him in your mouth as you can, though if he is on the large side and you can’t physically take it all, continue across the remaining length of him with your hands.
  • Other sensitive areas are the testicles and perineum.  Gently lick, kiss and fondle these areas and your man will be climbing the walls with excitement.
  • You should be able to tell from his reactions if he is getting close to climax.  Build him up taking him as close to the edge as you can and then slow things down.  This will leave him gagging for more and putting you firmly in the position of power.
  • Lube can heighten the sensations even further.  There are so many on the market, from flavours, heat and cooling version so don’t settle for just one - experiment! Lube will also help if you are running out of saliva.
  • If you are feeling a little more adventurous, why not try introducing food into the fun.  All the old faithfuls are sure winners such as pouring chocolate, cream and ice cream.  Try hot things too – give him a ‘coffee job’.  Take a mouthful of coffee or other hot drink in your mouth, leave until the temperature of your mouth has increased, swallow (very important), then continue giving oral.
  • Try blindfolding him.  With one of his senses taken away he will become hyper sensitive in all other areas.
  • And for the ultimate pleasure, slowly and carefully insert a finger up his anus.  It's best to find out first if he is up for a bit of anus play before you start!

 With these top tips you will feel confident you are giving your man the blow job of all blow jobs!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the blog and even your own top tips.


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