Shock Horror – Women Masturbate!

Posted: Feb 12 2016


Although it’s not quite as socially accepted for women to give themselves self-gratification as it is for men – let’s face it us women are doing it! And why shouldn’t we?!  There’s certainly nothing wrong in doing so and you definitely shouldn’t be ashamed to admit it!  Granted you don’t want to be shouting about it in your local supermarket but it’s a subject you should be able to share with your friends.

Some women start masturbating from a very young age through exploring and experimenting, this is quite natural and something that should be accepted.  Others may start following their first sexual relationship – whatever the reason we all have our own story.

We engage in this act for many different reasons ranging from plain and simple feeling horny and needing sexual relief, through to helping sleep at night.

There are numerous health reasons why you should be giving yourself a bit of solo action, here are my top 6.

  • If you are stressed and feel tense it will help you relax as your body will release natural chemicals such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin which all make you feel uplifted and ready to tackle anything!
  • It also helps tone your pelvic floor muscles which is vitally important to keep your downstairs area in shape, especially for those who have had children as it will strengthen the muscles weakened through child birth.  With strong and toned pelvic muscles you will get more powerful orgasms.  So having an orgasm we get stronger orgasms – result!
  • If you suffer with period pains masturbating can help to combat the cramps.  Not always the first thing that comes to mind when you’re not feeling your best but studies show that when we climax it increases the blood flow to that region which in turn helps to relax muscles and ease the pain.
  • By understanding your body you are in a much better position to be able to show your partners what you do and don’t like, which in turn leads to a much more harmonious sexual relationship.
  • Masturbating can also help with keeping urinary tract infections at bay.  In the act of masturbating and climaxing the body naturally releases fluid which flushes bacteria away.
  • Orgasms can elevate and sometimes cure headaches and migraines.  So instead of reaching for the pain killers why don’t you give yourself a bit of self love!

Regardless of your reason for masturbating, you probably have your favourite way.  Whether using your fingers, sex toys, pillows or shower heads there is no right or wrong way just as long as it works for you.  So ladies, you keep on enjoying yourselves!

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