Carry On Flirting

Posted: Apr 28 2016

Carry on Flirting

Flirting is one of the most natural things you can do.  Your body language can say so much with subliminal messages.  When we meet someone new or have just ventured into a new relationship flirting comes very easily to us.  Unfortunately, as time goes on the need and the desires to flirt tends to slip away.

If you would like to rekindle some of that passion you felt in the early days then try some of these tips:

Easy Tiger:  Wait for him to get into bed and then stand in front of him and slowly remove your clothes.  Ensure you have some nice underwear on, or how about not wearing any at all!

Bottoms Up:  When you know he is watching you, bend over to pick an imaginary something from the floor.  Give him a real sexy view of your bottom – he will love it!

Special Delivery: This is a great one to inject some excitement into your sex life.  Order a sex toy through the internet (feel free to use VelvetFleurs.uk) but address it to him.  He certainly won’t be expecting it when he unwraps the package.  Quickly put it on charge and look forward to a steamy night ahead.

Carry on Flirting

Early Riser:  If you wake in the early hours of the night, don’t lie there staring at the ceiling, roll over to your partner and gently rub and caress him until he wakes up!  When you have finished, I promise you will have a perfect night’s sleep.

The Touch:  For no reason at all just rub his privates, give him a smouldering kiss and then just carry on with whatever you were doing before you just blew his mind.

Room for Two: When he’s having his morning shower shake up his usual routine and join him.  Top tip – put some silicone lube high up in your vagina before you get in to the shower, this will stop that dry friction feeling.  Silicone lube is better than water based lubes in the shower as the water will simply wash away anything water based.

Sexting: When he’s least expecting it send a text telling him what you want to do to him or to really get his pulse racing tell him you are playing with yourself and you want him to join you.

Flirting is a sure fire way of injecting fun and excitement into your relationship and it is so important to “carry on flirting”.  Share your favourite flirting tips with us here at VelvetFleurs.uk, we would love to hear them.


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