Sensual Massage to Boost Your Sex Life

Posted: Jun 27 2016

Velvet Fleurs is very pleased to introduce our first guest blogger, a professional masseuse and owner of guysway.co.uk

Guysway is a UK based male massage directory bringing some of the best masseurs together within one easy to use site and is a great way to find your perfect masseuse.

The site offers detailed profiles including, location, photo and reviews for each therapist and is also a fantastic platform for professional masseurs to reach a wider customer base.   

As I'm sure you'll agree there aren't many people better positioned to cover sensual massaging techniques.


Sensual Massage to Boost Your Sex Life

Sensual Massage to Boost Your Sex Life

A sensual massage isn’t necessarily about moving on to full sex so don’t make your partner feel like there’s pressure on them to do anything other than relax and enjoy. Having said that, a good sensual massage is incredibly intimate for both of you, whether giving or receiving, and can bring you closer together.

So where to start? Do make sure that the bedroom is as warm, comfortable and inviting as possible. Piles of dirty clothes and an unmade bed are not relaxing. Plan in advance and make sure you have everything ready from the music and scented candles, to the food and oils.

For something a little different, run the bath for your partner first and let them relax and wash away the day. Add a luxurious bath bomb or foam, and then start the massage in the bath tub. Wash them gently and slowly with their favourite soap, paying attention to the genital area, and gently massage their neck and shoulders. When they are ready, wrap a large, warmed bath sheet around them and dry them off, before leading them to the bedroom.

Let your partner lie on a fresh towel so you don’t get any massage oils on your sheets and then start with gentle, slow strokes on their neck and shoulders again, going right up to the base of their skull as these areas hold a lot of tension.

Engage all the senses.

Lola's Apothecary Rose and Neroli Regenerative Body & Massage OilTouch

Touch is obvious with a massage, but think of different textures you can use, such as drifting a feather or a silk scarf across your partner’s back and bottom and then running your finger nails lightly across the skin through the scarf. You can even try slightly rougher surfaces – loofahs or soft brushes - if your partner likes that. Vary the textures for an incredibly sensual experience.

When using oils, pour the oil into your hands first and warm it over your skin, before applying it to your partner. You don’t want to add tension by pouring cold oil onto warm skin.

Try lying skin to skin and having full body to body massage for a few minutes. It’s another great intimacy builder and also brings you genitals to genitals without penetration, which can increase arousal.


Try feeding your partner sensual foods such as strawberries, chocolate and ice cream. Perhaps even blindfold them, if they are comfortable with it, so they aren’t sure what they might taste next. A blindfold also has the advantage of enhancing their sense of touch.

Hearing Parks Invigorating & Euphoric Massage Candle

Play mood music to add to the atmosphere, and try whispering into your partner’s ear occasionally, with compliments or even suggestions of what you’re going to do to them later. Listen to the appreciative noises they make and do more of the things they like.


We’ve talked about scented candles and oils and they do add to the ambience, but there’s one more thing to consider, and that’s you! The special, natural scent of your own partner can add so much to sex, so don’t add aftershave or perfume to overtake that. Let them breathe you in.


Look at and enjoy each other’s bodies, and look into each other’s eyes while you touch. That is very powerful and can build so much intimacy.

What else can you add? You know your partner better than anyone, so talk about what you both like in a sensual massage and build them into a wonderful shared experience.


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