Looking for the Elusive G-spot!

Posted: Jan 24 2017

There appears to be 2 distinct camps when it comes to whether or not the g-spot actually exists.  Those who have experienced unforgettable earth shattering vaginal orgasms and those who haven’t.  Even doctors seem to be divided on the subject too, though just because you might not be one of those lucky ladies who have found their G-spot, doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t exist. So rather than arguing over this point I thought it was best to talk about trying to locate this elusive and much talked about erogenous zone and how best to stimulate it.

It’s certainly worth spending some time on this one and really getting to know your body.  For some it may take several attempts, but that’s no bad thing is it!?  How about adding it onto you and your partners bucket list!

Firstly, it is best to get yourself very aroused before you can find your “spot”.  Increased blood flow to this area will make it much easier for you to detect with your fingers.  Having a hot bath first will also help the blood, flow, to the needed area.

The best way to find this area is with 2 fingers, your middle and index are an obvious choice as they have very keen receptors on their tips.  Keep the fingers together but curve them into a “c” shape. 

Try using lube as this will further increases the sensations although this is not imperative it’s more a preference.

Lay on your back and insert your fingers, aim the tips around and onto the front wall of your vagina.  You only need to insert your fingers to about 2-3cms so no need for any uncomfortable positions to be able to locate it.

You are looking for a small mound of slightly rougher texture to the rest of the vagina.  If you find it – yee-ha!! If you can’t don’t give up.  Perhaps you’re not aroused enough.  Once you have found it you can be quite firm with the movements you give yourself.  Try long firm strokes or firm circular actions.  For the ultimate pleasure try massaging your clitoris at the same time.

There are a boggling amount of vibrators on the market, specifically designed to stimulate this area.  If you find choosing one a little intimidating then here are a few pointers; look for a vibe which has an angled head and one that has a separate motor in this part.

Here are just some of the best g-spot vibes currently on the market.

  • Mona 2 by Lelo
  • Rosa by L’amourose
  • Rosa Rouge by L’amourose
  • Gigi by Lelo
  • Uma by Je Joue
  • Tracey Cox Supersex


There are lots of sex positions which are great for hitting your g-spot.  Have some fun experimenting and finding your favourite.  You are looking for ones which will have his penis rubbing against your vaginal front wall.  One of the old favourites and for good reason is doggy style.


Doggy Style:  The angle in which he enters you is perfect for rubbing against your g-spot.  You may need to experiment on the height and the angle of your legs to ensure the ultimate pressure is applied.  Another great plus for this position is you both have easy access to give the clitoris some attention – don’t forget, you can also give him a little extra attention and play with his testicles.


Reverse Cowgirl: The good thing about this position is you are in the driving seat and can therefore manoeuvre yourself into the best position to get his penis rubbing just where you want it.  This position also works great if you like a bit of back door play too.


Straddle his Lap: A very seductive position for both of you.  It’s very visually exciting for him as he has full view of your body and his hands can reach everywhere!  For her, like the reverse cow girl it’s an ideal position to get his penis rubbing against your g-spot.  Don’t forget to take full advantage of your clitoris too. 


Special K:  This can be a bit tricky if you aren’t of similar heights – but give it a whirl, if it’s not working you can always change to something else.  This is a standing position and you are looking to make a "K" with your bodies.  He needs to stay straight and she needs to face outwards, putting her legs and body forward, finishing off the “K” silhouette.  It’s best to face a wall as you can both use it to stabilise yourselves when things get a little frisky.  He will need to do most of the work, which is no bad thing as it will give you the freedom to give your clitoris some action.

Have some fun finding your G-spot and don't forget practice makes perfect!!


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