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It's all about you!  If you want it to be!!.....


How often do we take the time to spoil ourselves or the lovers in our lives?  Velvet Fleurs has been created to give you pleasure whether it be on your own or shared with another!

I wanted to create a sophisticated and unintimidating site for adults.  I have carefully selected a range of beautiful and exciting products which will hopefully make you smile in more ways than one!

Each brand has been chosen based on its exceptional quality and uniqueness, offering you nothing but indulgence. 

For those out there who may be just a little curious about me.  I left a retail career 7 years ago to take time out to raise my children. Exciting, happy, scary, loving, relentless and amazing, all of which are emotions felt on a daily basis when you are raising a family; however, I have now found myself at a natural junction in life where it's time to re-enter the world of work!!

The last few years of my life have made me realise how important it is to have time to yourself as well as time with your lover. Whether you are a stay at home mum or a high flying career women, trying to find those intimate moments can be hard, so when you do you want to make sure it’s worthwhile, so why not try a beautiful organic elixir body massage or seduce your partner with a pouring candle massage.  Set a romantic scene and light candles from our unique provocative range whilst finding pleasure in one of our many intimate toys.

I hope you enjoy this unique collecion and I look forward to personally sending your chosen items.

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