What Sex Toy to Buy?

So you want to buy a sex toy but don’t know where to start?  Trust me you aren't the only one to think that.  The beauty of buying online rather than a shop is that you can peruse the lines at your leisure and not have any awkward moments with shop assistants or other shoppers.

So let’s get started!!

First of all, lets cover the basic - the difference between a vibrator and a dildo? A vibrator vibrates, usually by means of a battery, whereas the dildo requires a degree of assistance.

Many women need “special attention” to their clitoris to climax, if this is what you are aiming to achieve then a vibrator is perhaps best for you.  If you are including a partner in this equation then a hand held vibrator is always a good option, why not try Rosa, Denia or Liv2.

If you are after a more personal moment, something just for you then I would heartily recommend a massager such as Vera, or the Ora which is an oral sex simulator - Which girl could say no to that?!

All of our vibrators are made of the highest quality soft silicone (no latex here!), so you will find that with the superior feel the “buzzing” is minimal, so you won’t need to be highlighting the fact you are in the throes of passion!

I’m sure you have heard how important it is to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. Not only is this important to avoid any embarrassing mishaps, they can also strengthen your orgasms so why not try our Miu Miu Kegal Exerciser. A dual purpose device that tones and exercises your PFM whilst also having a naughty side, let your partner take control with the remote to tease and stimulate you. 

If however you are just after that penetration feeling then one of our beautiful dildos may be what you are looking for, my collection is very luxurious offering unique materials such as Norwegian stone and stainless steel.

You may also want to consider a bit of anal activity for yourself, your partner or both of you.  Why not try our stone or stainless steel butt plugs.  For those of you who want to really take things to another level we have an opulent collection of stainless steel wands such as Pure, Fun and Eleven.

There’s also nothing to say you have to stick with either a vibrator or dildo, try mixing things things up with one of each.

Final piece of advice, it is very important that you keep your toys clean.  If you are using your toys for both vaginal and anal action, pop a condom on it for anal play & remove before inserting into your vagina - this will stop any nasty's being spread.  After each session you must wash them with warm water or ideally use an antibacterial cleaner. Store everything in a clean and dust free location and they will serve you well for many years. 

Please also consider when using lubes that if your toy is made from silicone you should only use a waterbased lube and not one silicone based.  Over time the silicone from the lube will amalgamate with your toy and potentially damaging it - all of our lubes are water-based and are safe to use with the full range of our toys. 

Love your toy and it will give you pleasure time and time again!

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