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  • Elvie silicon kegal exerciser to be used with mobile app
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Have you had children? Experience embarrassing leaks? Do you want stronger orgasms? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Elvie is for you!

Elvie is the smallest and smartest kegal trainer, it's like having your very own personnel trainer every time you use it.

It's very important to exercise your kegal muscle, better known as your pelvic floor.  However, it's very hard to exercise a muscle you can't see and without feedback you don't know how you are doing.  Elvie have created a solution, simply download the app, connect, insert your Elvie and track your progress by following the easy to follow mini visual workouts.

Elvie is compatible with iPhone 4s and newer, Android 4.3 and newer and Bluetooth Smart Ready.

Inside your Elvie parcel you will receive the kegal exercise tracker, optional cover for custom sizing, wireless charging case and micro USB charging cable.

Enjoy fun, five minute workouts and see results in as little as two weeks!







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